About Crosscreek

Our Mission

To invite our neighbors to discover, enjoy, and share the life Jesus offers… Together. 

Statement of Faith

What we believe…

There is a God.

He loves you and he is for you.

He is not disinterested or mad at you.

He wants you to know, trust, and love him as a good and perfect heavenly father.

He became a human, Jesus.

Jesus showed us what God is really like and died and rose again to restore our relationship with him and with one another.

He invites everyone to enjoy a transforming, meaningful, and relational life through his love… now and forever.

Our Process

Transformation is a process.


DISCOVER God’s love for you. Look out for Together #forSalem videos, new every Saturday. Watch on YouTube or listen to the podcast. Attend onsite, in-person parties every 2nd and 4th Sunday.


ENJOY your life with God and others. Connect Groups meet weekly to discuss life and messages. Smaller one-on-one alliances are available, and another way to go deeper in our faith journey.


SHARE God’s love with others. We believe God is FOR people and FOR Salem. Anyone can take part in our monthly #forSalem opportunities, and/or donate financially to keep a good thing going. 


Becoming More Like Jesus

How we measure and know that our transformation is taking place.

Confidently Trusting

Walking Securely with Jesus
Am I trusting Jesus with every part of my life?

Authentically Connecting

Living out the Law of Love in all of my relationships
Do I pursue “what love looks like” in all of my relationships?

Independently Growing

Being a Self-Feeder
Am I actively and purposely discovering more about Jesus and applying it to my life?

Being FOR others with my time, money, and abilities
Do I regularly use what I have for the benefit of others?

Sharing the life Jesus offers with others
Do I have specific people I am intentionally journeying with? 

*Messages above are from our You Can series, Fall of 2021. See the intro message here.


What we hope to display and live out as we do the “work” of the church

Courageous Faith:

Being willing to take prayerful risks because God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do.

Outward Focus:

Focusing our resources, time, and lives to reach those who don’t know Jesus yet.

Shared Ministry:

Everyone serves everyone because love is what you do.

Authentic Excellence:

Getting to be the best versions of ourselves as a thank you to God.

Contagious Joy:

Enjoying the love and freedom given to us by God and choosing not to take ourselves too seriously.

Find out more…

Watch “Becoming,” the series that covered all 5 of these attributes:

Crosscreek “Staff”

Jon Silva, Lead Pastor

Monica Fiedler, Media Director

Contributing Team

While we have two ‘paid staff,’ Crosscreek really relies on the support and efforts of an amazing list of contributors. Some attend staff meetings, comprise our Board of Directors, do the accounting, serve as hosts at our Parties, and are even seen in cameos on our Together #forSalem episodes. Find out more about how you can plug in and join a team.

For those that like to read / want to know more:

Official Statement of Faith || What we believe about sexuality || Email us!