To lead people into a
with Jesus.


Being a church
FOR people who
don’t normally go to church.


What we believe…

There is a God.

He loves you and he is for you.

He is not disinterested or mad at you.

He wants you to know, trust, and love him as a good and perfect heavenly father.

He became a human, Jesus.

Jesus showed us what God is really like and died and rose again to restore our relationship with him and with one another.

He invites everyone to enjoy a transforming, meaningful, and relational life through his love… now and forever.


Transformation is a process.

Discover God’s Love

God is for you and wants something great for your life.  Discover God’s love in a simple, safe, and fun environment.

Connect to His Family

We were designed to thrive in relationships where we are truly loved and accepted by others. Join a Connect Group where you can know others and be known.

Contribute to His Mission

God made you YOU on purpose. Use who God made you to be to help others and contribute to his mission by joining a Service Team and contributing financially.

Share His Love

A full life is a generous life. Give to others what you have been given. Get equipped to confidently share with others what God has done for you.


How we measure and know that our transformation is taking place. Click on the image to watch the message.

Am I trusting Jesus with every part of my life?

Am I personally getting to know God and applying what I learn?

Am I living out the Law of Love?
Am I leading the way in serving others?

Am I trusting God by giving away a percentage of my income?

Am I equipped and actively sharing the message of Jesus?

*The videos above are from our “Totally Transforming” series, from June of 2018.


What we hope to display and live out as we do the “work” of the church

Courageous Faith:

Being willing to take prayerful risks because God is who He says He is and will do what He says He will do.

Outward Focus:

Focusing our resources, time, and lives to reach those who don’t know Jesus yet.

Shared Ministry:

Everyone serves everyone because love is what you do.

Authentic Excellence:

Getting to be the best versions of ourselves as a thank you to God.

Contagious Joy:

Enjoying the love and freedom given to us by God and choosing not to take ourselves too seriously.

For those that like to read / want to know more:

Official Statement of Faith || What we believe about sexuality || Email us!