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Partner in a 1:1 Alliance.

Grow, support, and encourage one another in everyday life.

No one is an expert, and we all have something to learn from each other and alongside one another.

Alliances are groups of 2 or 3 people growing deeper together.


Steps to Forming an Alliance:

Step 1: Find a focus

Following Jesus is a life-long process of discovering, enjoying, and sharing the life Jesus offers. Different phases of life often require different points of focus. To help track your growth and discover an area you could focus on in this phase we offer this simple Self-Reflection.

Step 2: Find An ALLY

Invite one friend, coworker, neighbor, family member, etc. to join you in growing in this particular focus. If you need or want, email us and we can help match you with an ally.

Step 3: Choose a resource, together

Alliances utilize a variety of resources to help facilitate relationships and growth. Choose a book, video series, or podcast from list of our recommendations, or feel free to use something you find.

If you’re not in a Connect Group, you might also find our weekly discussion questions from messages as a helpful starting point.

Step 4: Decide on a rhythm

Alliances meet for coffee, drinks, or take walks together. They can meet weekly, monthly, or every other week. It’s all customizable and up to you.

This might also help: download this simple printable PDF to help guide your rhythm decisions & meetup conversations.

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Connect, enjoy, share.

Staying connected is important. We have weekly gatherings on Sundays, and Connect Groups that meet mid-week in homes. Consider making the online content a part of our your routine and receive encouragement & hope if you can't come to our in-person service. Take your faith further by forming an alliance.

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