We get it.

Sometimes Sunday messages leave us with more questions than answers. Sometimes there’s a nagging question about God, life, and/or religion that Google just doesn’t have a good answer for.

We want to help.

No question is off limits. So ask below and we will do our best to help further the conversation. Who knows… your question might be so relevant that we will talk about it at a Sunday service or even use it in our annual “So, What About…?” message series.

Follow up (choose any/all/none):

Watch the series...

See the first installment of our So, What About…? series that premiered Spring of 2019. A 6 parter covering some common arguments against Christianity.

Current Series

Communities and people never stay the same. You are not who you were 5 years ago. And in 5 years, you will not be who you are now. We are all in the process of becoming something different, something new. Often, what we become just kind of happens as life goes on. BUT what if we had a goal and a target of who we wanted to be? What if we chose what our future selves would be like? What if we purposely decided what our community will value and celebrate? Let’s walk together and support each other as we all choose who we are BECOMING.

Sundays at 4:30pm

We are located off I-5 exit 248 in South Salem. 

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