We get it.

Sometimes Sunday messages leave us with more questions than answers. Sometimes there’s a nagging question about God, life, and/or religion that Google just doesn’t have a good answer for.

We want to help.

No question is off limits. So ask below and we will do our best to help further the conversation

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Your question could be used in our upcoming February + March 2020 series! Or, watch our 2019 installment

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Watch the series...

See the first installment of our So, What About…? series that premiered Spring of 2019. A 6 parter covering some common arguments against Christianity.

Also keep an eye out for the next one, Spring of 2020.

Current Series

So, What About…? {season 2}

An open and honest discussion exploring your questions about God and Christianity.

Feb 9: The Beginning... Which is actually true.. Creation/Design or Evolution?

Feb 16: What’s Wrong? Why does God allow pain and suffering?

Feb 23: Narrow-minded. What’s the difference between Jesus and other Faiths?

March 1: Sunday Funday. What’s the point of Church?

March 8: Too many hypocrites.  Why do many Jesus-Followers act nothing like Jesus?

March 15: The End. Heaven. Is it real? What’s it like? How do we get there?

Sundays at 4:30pm

We are located off I-5 exit 248 in South Salem. 

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