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If you’re looking for something a little different, this may just be the church for you! We are doing our best to design each Sunday to be a fun, welcoming environment where you don’t have to believe to belong. Let’s start a conversation!



Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to dress up?

Nope. Wear what’s comfortable for you.

Do you have programs for my kids?

We sure do, from babies through fifth grade. You can even pre-register them before your visit so we know to expect you!

Sixth grade and up enjoy being upstairs and can sit where they want. We’ve found ages 12 and up have no problem sitting through our 3ish songs and engaging 40-minute talk. Same goes for ages 98 and down [wink].

What if I’m not sure about Christianity?

That’s why we started this church. You can explore faith at your own pace. You can also always submit questions on our So What About… page!

What's an average Sunday like?

Park and come on in. If it’s raining (hello Oregon), you can drop-off at the breezeway and also borrow an umbrella.

If you have kids, you can check them in to one of our safe, age-appropriate and fun kids’ environments. The kiosk is easy to use and a volunteer will guide you (Make it even easier? Pro-tip: let us know you’re coming ahead of time if you like – Pre-register your family). Find out more about our kids’ environments here.

When the service starts promptly at 4:30pm, we will sing a few songs and hear a quick hello welcome. You’ll notice we don’t pass an offering basket and don’t do your standard ‘meet-and-greet.’ The music time is followed by a 35-40 minute message.  Fill out a welcome card and hand it to the Info Table before you leave for your welcome-gift. No strings, we promise! We like to give gifts because we believe God likes to give gifts!

Afterwards, you can expect coffee, refreshments and a snack. Of course, that part is optional but we’d love to meet you! You’ll often see adults and families lingering for up to a half hour after church, chatting and getting to know each other. It’s very relaxed and completely optional.

All in all, the whole service lasts about 60 minutes. We’ll have you home in time for dinner or whatever you enjoy doing on your Sunday night.

What we’re currently learning about together:

Current Series

January 2020.

Everyone wants to be better. Be more. Excel. Advance.

With the greatest of intentions we work and strive and try to be everything we think we need to be... and either burn out, give up, or keep trying to fake it with as little effort as possible.

We look in the mirror and we look back at the trail of unmet expectations and realize, “This isn’t who I want to be.”

But... what if it’s much simpler than we thought it was? Maybe it’s time to take another look at ourselves in the mirror and ask: Who Do You Want To Be?

Find out more about our weekly kids’ program, or pre-register to make your first visit even easier!


What we believe

(“Statement of Faith”)

There is a God.

He loves you and he is for you.

He is not disinterested or mad at you.

He wants you to know, trust, and love him as a good and perfect heavenly father.

He became a human, Jesus.

Jesus showed us what God is really like and died and rose again to restore our relationship with him and with one another.

He invites everyone to enjoy a transforming, meaningful, and relational life through his love… now and forever.

I love being part of a church that feels like a community. Not a community that is open to the IDEA other people and new faces, but truly wants to connect with and seeks out those that desire a sense of belonging and purpose.

Luke S.

If you are looking for a laid-back and friendly church: this is it! Every week we are greeted warmly at the door, the sermons are relatable & fun, and they offer refreshments afterwards if you like to hang around and visit. Our daughter LOVES her Sunday school class and the teachers, and we’ve enjoyed the connections we have made!

Heather C.

I love this church. The people here are so welcoming. I don’t think I have ever found a more caring and non-judgmental church than Crosscreek.

Lauren C.

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