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“Tech is a pretty big part of my life, and so helping others with technology (as well as using it) is something I enjoy. The changes I have experienced are changes for the better, like love, patience, joy, and gentleness when dealing with others in this field. As long as my focus is on others, the change others experience should be for the better. That’s my hope.”
-Jamiel, Tech Team
“I’m on the hospitality team and I contribute for a selfish reason. It makes me happy. I like making coffee, I like handing out chips and salsa, I like smiling and saying hello. When I’m focused on others I feel like I have purpose and am able to show God’s love in a tangible way. A change I’ve loved to see in others on my team, is a desire to jump in and help and reap the same benefits of serving I enjoy.”
-Laurie, Hospitality Team
“I contribute with the grade school kids because it is important to God and He has put that in my heart. I am happy to contribute anywhere but I think I have knack for relating to kids and love doing it. I have seen the hearts of kids change and my heart change as we learn simple but powerful truths about God’s love for us, how we can love Him, and how we can love others.”
-Nate, Kids’ Team
“Getting to contribute on Crosscreek’s hospitality team has really taken the “ME” out of the equation. I used to worry about how comfortable (or uncomfortable) I was. Now, my goal is to help our guests have their best church experience so all they have left to do is discover God’s great love for them!”
-Liz, Hospitality Team

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Sundays at 4:30pm

We are located off I-5 exit 248 in South Salem. 

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