Drive-Thru Prayer Event

All are welcome to attend our Drive-Thru prayer event on November 22nd from 3:00-5:00 pm at 922 Hylo Road SE.

We have three free “menu” options for you to choose from. Pick one, two, or take advantage of all three.

  1. PRAYER: On the spot (drive up under the covered area and receive prayer & connection) or fill out a card for a prayer partner to be praying for you throughout the week.
  2. COMMUNION: Receive a package of communion supplies and a directions sheet for celebrating communion in your home.
  3. KIDS STUFF: Got kids? We have some fun treats for them too!
prayer menu

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FOR the community. All are welcome.

Volunteers will be there to assist you in where to drive up or park, and will be wearing masks and taking social distancing precautions.

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We are always adjusting and keeping you and yours in mind. Contact us with your questions, and check out #churchathome messages for some encouragement & hope.

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