easter eve tailgate

Saturday, April 3rd, 4:30pm-5:30pm

Remove the stress Easter morning and free up your Sunday by celebrating Easter Eve in the late afternoon Saturday.  Stick around afterwards for FREE food, games, & more. Designed specifically with you and your whole family in mind.

RSVP Below to reserve your spot.


Do I need to dress up?

Nope. Wear what’s comfortable for you. We hope to have some photo opportunities, so if that gives you a reason to comb your hair extra special, go for it! But truly, you can dress up or dress down. We don’t judge!

What if I’m not sure about Christianity?

Perfect. That’s why we started this church. You can explore faith at your own pace.

Easter is also a time for reflection, celebration and gratitude in the Christian faith. So you can expect a party. But we promise not to coerce, pressure or scare you.  You can just “enjoy the show” if you are still checking out Christianity.

You also might be interested in checking out our “So, what about…?” page. It’s a place to ask questions and start a conversation. It also links up with our 6-week series on the “problems of Christianity.” Food for thought.

What can I expect at your tailgate party?

RSVP and we will keep you updated with the details!

Expect a lot of live music, an encouraging Easter message, a blossom-the-cross optional actvitiy, easter eggs, and fun for the kids. We hope to serve up some great BBQ. Bring all the things you’d need at a tailgate party to make you and yours comfortable, we’ll take care of the rest! Praying for some good weather so we can really do it right!

Where are you located?

Here’s a link to the Google map.

Basically we are off exit 249 on I-5, nestled between Liberty Rd. S and Sunnyside Rd. S. on Hylo Rd. S.

stayING connected

We are always adjusting and keeping you and yours in mind. Contact us with your questions, and check out #churchathome messages for some encouragement & hope.

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