In place of our regular Sunday Services, here is Episode 1 of a brand new experiment… for you, and #forSalem.

You can watch over on our messages page, or on YouTube. Or, podcast. You get to pick your environment!

And… more good news… there’s a “Virtual” Connect Group that coincides with this experiment.

It’ll be for anyone looking to join a group, have deeper community, and have conversation around this weeks Episode of Together #forSalem.

Jon Silva will be our Connect Group facilitator, He will help guide us throughout each week in discussing the few questions listed in the show notes and simply getting to know each other a little better, at a distance for now. This is completely new to us as well so we are all gonna be walking through this together as we figure things out and adjust accordingly!

Here’s a link to join the group:


In this first episode of Together #forSalem, Jon and Aaron talk about how weird things are right now and how we can still be neighbors who are FOR each other, even in this new (but temporary) normal. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway (details in episode)!


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