This week’s message…

This past weekend’s message was all about a shift in priorities. How can we keep this (for some) “simpler” more peaceful pace as things return to normal? How can a more open calendar free us up for more meaningful connections? We explore that this week in Episode 9…

Enter the GIVEAWAY!

And… if you haven’t entered the Giveaway, it’s EASY! Comment on the YouTube video or the Facebook video and badda bing badda boom. You’re entered! Winners are announced in the next week’s episode, and drawn at random!

Find out more about our giveaway! Chef Matt @Hoss_soss sauces!

stayING connected

Connect Groups are open and ready for you. We have socially distant groups and virtual groups available. Contact us with your questions and to connect.

Connect with us, ask a question, or just let us know you're here! 

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