Out of the Ordinary: The Most Boring Christmas EVER.

(pt 2/3) Dec 8, 2019 – Jon Silva

Oftentimes life seems to be a boring routine interrupted by frequent annoyances. So we do what we can to not rock the boat… keep our head down… just get through and try to avoid as much pain as possible. But what if there is more going on behind the scenes than we know? What if the annoyances are opportunities? Opportunities to break out of the ordinary? Listen or watch to see the ultimate example of how God uses the ordinary to create the extraordinary.

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Normal. Typical. Routine. Mundane. Ordinary.
Most of us can point to areas of our lives that can be summed up with these 5 words.

But God wants more for us than simply an ordinary existence.

That’s why he concocted the most ridiculous story ever told. Christmas. Angels, a pregnant virgin, wisemen, ancient prophecies, a baby born to save the world. A story many of us dismiss as too extraordinary to be true. But what if this ridiculously extraordinary story is the answer to changing our ordinary into something more? This Christmas, let’s find our place in a story that is completely out of the ordinary.

We miss the extraordinary because we think we are stuck in the ordinary. Maybe that’s why God came up with one of the craziest stories ever told… And if you’re not a little skeptical perhaps you haven’t really read it. It’s the story of God breaking into our ordinary and giving us the extraordinary. The truth is, there is only one you… you are not ordinary. So why settle for an ordinary life? Maybe God has something more in mind. Watch or listen to find out more.


Money can make so many aspects of our lives better: food, shelter, entertainment… One thing we can all agree on, is money can add purpose to life. But… we can also agree: it is not the purpose of life. It becomes a problem when we forget that. How do we separate our life’s “purpose,” when so much time is spent on earning a living? Listen to the first part of our “Take Charge” series and discover, why (good news) you’re a tool.

In part 1, we focused on the purpose of money: that is to use it for a purpose that isn’t you. Here in part 2, we face this hard fact: There will never be enough money to give you a life of purpose.  So what do we do?  Well, we do have some control over our life, our purpose, and how we use our money. It can be summed up like this: we choose our priorities. Listen or watch to discover how we usually order things, and perhaps a fresh rearrangement of those priorities! It could be a game changer.

It’s here, the final part in our series and we get to tackle something that SOUNDS really fun, but in reality, doesn’t happen as much as it probably should: Generosity. We often tell ourselves ‘if we had a little bit more or were wealthy, we’d love to be generous… And when we have enough we will be.’  But maybe generosity is determined by the willingness to give, not the amount given. Listen or watch to find out how you can be a generous (and happy!) person, no matter your income.


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