Who Do You Want to Be?

Divorce Yourself (Part 2)

We all know this: Happy relationships create a happy life. The problem is… being around people is hard. In part 2, we’ll take a closer look at the root of every relationship problem (whoa), and why there’s a gap between who we want to be and who we are when it comes to relationships.

We all want to be something. Usually someone more. We want to be better people. But, there’s a gap between who we want to be and who we are. Why? Why can’t we really be who we want to be? In part 1 of the series, we pose our answer to this age-old question, and what you can do about it.

What's Your Next Step?

Current Series

January 2020.

Everyone wants to be better. Be more. Excel. Advance.

With the greatest of intentions we work and strive and try to be everything we think we need to be... and either burn out, give up, or keep trying to fake it with as little effort as possible.

We look in the mirror and we look back at the trail of unmet expectations and realize, “This isn’t who I want to be.”

But... what if it’s much simpler than we thought it was? Maybe it’s time to take another look at ourselves in the mirror and ask: Who Do You Want To Be?


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