Better Together: Lean On Me (pt 2)

Sept 15, 2019 – Jon Silva

To be “Better Together” we have to admit that we are “Worse Alone”… that we can’t do life by ourselves. Sometimes though, admitting that we are worse off on our own means we are admitting that we are lacking something. So then we choose isolation to protect ourselves. But maybe there’s a better way. Maybe we can be better together by doing something that’s simple, but also can be difficult at first. Once we do, we truly discover our design for relationships and a better way of doing life… together. Listen / watch to find out what we mean.

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Current Series

In a world that seems to be more and more divided, and less and less united, it might seem better to be just stay on your own... But is that what's best for us, really?

We believe "church" can & should be the picture of what unified actually looks like! We truly are #betterTogether.

New series starts this Sunday! 4:30pm 9.8.19, and On Demand.

Better Together: You First (pt 1)

Sept 8, 2019 – Jon Silva

Often if we feel divided, isolated, disconnected… it’s because we have had a part in it. Division is the result of choosing ME over WE. Every time we choose to put ourselves over others… we separate ourselves from each other. And we become more and more isolated, and more and more miserable. BUT… imagine what this country would be like if we were devoted to each other more than our personal views and opinions? Imagine what your marriage would be like if you were devoted to each other more than being right or getting what YOU want? Work? Friendships? Parenting… It starts with us. Watch/listen to find out more.


Communities and people never stay the same. You are not who you were 5 years ago. And in 5 years, you will not be who you are now. We are all in the process of becoming something different, something new. Often, what we become just kind of happens as life goes on. BUT what if we had a goal and a target of who we wanted to be? What if we chose what our future selves would be like? What if we purposely decided what our community will value and celebrate? Let’s walk together and support each other as we all choose who we are BECOMING.

Becoming: Courageous Faith (pt 1)

July 27, 2019 – Jon Silva

We all have fears… Things that could happen, might happen again, probably won’t happen. Most of which are things that we can’t really do anything about. We don’t know the future but for whatever reasons our minds have to go there anyway. And, when we do… our usual response to fear is: I MUST or I CAN’T. Fight or flight. But, good news! There’s another choice… Fear doesn’t have to control us or paralyze us. Listen or watch as we launch into our Becoming series with our first episode, diving right in: FAITH.

Becoming: Shared Ministry (pt 2)

August 4, 2019 – Aaron Fiedler

Often, our approach to ministry is that it’s someone else’s job… in fact, there’s 3 common approaches to seeing service or “ministry” (we won’t spoil what those are for you…).  HOWEVER, a value that we hold as a church offers a fourth approach: “Shared Ministry” is people working together to help out.  We believe it’s the best way to do ministry, and that it has the ability to transform individuals, families, churches, and the greater community. Listen / watch to find out more.

Becoming: Contagious Joy (pt 3)

August 11, 2019 – Jon Silva

If you did a Google search and typed in “How to Be…” what would the top auto-fill answer be? We’ll spoil it for you: Happy. That’s probably because  pursuit of happiness is behind almost every decision we make. And, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be happy… At Crosscreek, we believe God wants us to be happy (John 10:10).  The problem is, most of us don’t really understand what happiness is… Listen or watch to learn more about true, lasting happiness, in the middle of real life.

Becoming: Authentic Excellence (pt 4)

August 18, 2019 – Jon Silva

Who do you want to be? What do you want your life to be? Truth is, we all want a great life but most of us settle for good enough. But, settling for good enough is settling for mediocre. How do we break the routine and actually start thriving instead of just surviving? Watch/listen to discover the antidote to ‘good enough.’

Becoming: Outward Focus (pt 5)

August 25, 2019 – Jon Silva

Whether you consider yourself a Jesus-Follower or not… the way to become who you really want to be isn’t by getting what you want… it’s by giving yourself away. Focusing your life on others instead of yourself. You may know this is true from experience, and scientific research on volunteering and career choice back it up! Some of the happiest people you know or have heard of are also some of the most selfless. Why? It’s how we are designed. We are designed to operate best when we do what’s best for others. At Crosscreek, we call it Outward Focus.

Discovering God Series

Distant, Angry, Silent, Absent, Unfair, Uninterested, and Judgemental…If there is a God then this, many of us assume, is how he/it could best be described. The God many of us were taught about only cares for “his” people, only cares about those that follow his narrow-minded rules. If you do good God gives you good things, or at least leaves you alone. If you do bad… 

But maybe there’s more to God than you’ve heard. Maybe the story is so much better than that. 

From the beginning, humanity’s story is the story of God’s unending, unstoppable, audacious love. Maybe it’s time to take another look at the idea of God. 

Maybe it’s time to DISCOVER GOD.

Discovering God: Introductions (pt 1)

June 16, 2019 – Jon Silva

Our goal at Crosscreek is not just change people’s minds about church… but change people’s minds about God. The common thinking may just be (but may not always be put into words): If there is a God, he’s either uninterested, or angry at me. He’s judgmental, silent, distant, absent when I need him. Or, he only shows up when I do something that doesn’t fit within his narrow rules in order to punish or judge me or make me feel guilty. He’s definitely not FOR me. Well, in part 1 of Discovering God, we want to Introduce (or perhaps re-introduce) you to God and have a conversation about some of these misconceptions about WHO God is.

(audio drastically improves after minute three)

Discovering God: It’s Simple (pt 2)

June 23, 2019 – Jon Silva

What if it is so simple that we missed it even though it’s been there the whole time? Turns out the most important point in Discovering God is the fact that peace with God comes from a single act of trust. It couldn’t be much simpler than that. It’s not that complicated. God is pursuing you. And he is only asking that you trust him.

Discovering God: The Tension (pt 3)

June 30, 2019 – Jon Silva

How do we balance the God we’ve been talking about (the God who is FOR you), with the God that would be a part of instances like Jericho (utter destruction and death)? This is an example of the reasons many people reject the God of the Bible. So that leaves anyone who says God is a God of love with some explaining to do! Well, we give it a shot here, in this episode of “Discovering God,” aptly called ‘The Tension.’

Discovering God: He Knows (pt 4)

July 7, 2019 – Jon Silva

The way a lot of people talk about God’s attributes make him out to be a scary or creepy figure who’s very interested in watching you and making sure you obey his rules. It’s a big reason why many people reject the idea of a God that loves. But when we truly discover God, we discover nothing could be further from the truth… God is personal and relational.

Discovering God: Limitless (pt 5)

July 14, 2019 – Jon Silva

What we think we know about God keeps us from discovering God. Sometimes people believe God hates sinners and he’s angry. That we’re testing his patience. He’s ready to judge and won’t accept me. …Or he won’t keep me. If I don’t clean up my behavior he’ll never let me in or he’ll kick me out. The good news is: God’s love is not based on our behavior. A prime example of that: King David. Your behavior does not cancel out God’s promises.

Discovering God: Your Turn (pt 6)

July 21, 2019 – Jon Silva

So… let be honest. It can be easy to say, “God loves everyone” and “he loves everyone equally.” BUT, if we dig a bit deeper, few of us actually believe that. In our true thoughts and hearts (maybe even subconscious?), whether you even believe in a god or not, most of us FEEL that some people are more DESERVING of God’s love than others. And, when we do that, we’re like Jonah… and we misunderstood one very important aspect of God’s love: God’s love is offensively inclusive.


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