Accepted. Really?

(pt 2/5) Oct 13, 2019 – Jon Silva

People who were nothing like Jesus loved being around him. And he accepted them. As we heard in part 1, being accepted means “no matter how different we are, I see you as a person worthy of value and honor.” Here in part 2, we take a close look at an “unlikely” group of people Jesus accepted: the skeptics. We’ll eventually land here [spoiler alert]: Jesus accepts every skeptic as an individual. What’s that mean for you? It means you are accepted, and asking questions and not taking everything at face value is healthy. 

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People who were nothing like Jesus loved being around him. They ate with him. They drank with him… and they followed him. Why? People who were nothing like Jesus were accepted by him. Maybe it’s your turn to find out what it means to be ACCEPTED.

Accepted. Series this October.

“Jesus would never accept me. Look at what I’ve done.”  Who told you that? We’re here to tell you: They are wrong. Jesus hung out with people like you (us!)… The Uninterested, the Stressed, the Doubting, the Alone, the Different, the Failing… the list goes on.  In FACT, Jesus didn’t just “hang out…” he ACCEPTED people like you (and us). In this first “episode” of Accepted, we’ll look at how Jesus views those who question. We hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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