Did you know that God isn’t mad at you? He’s not angry, frustrated or indifferent.

In fact, God is FOR you.

Better yet – He’s not just for you… He’s for your family, your neighbors, your city.

Three-fifths of Salem don’t know God is for them. At Crosscreek, we want to change that… We want to show the city that God is for them.

What does that look like? At Crosscreek, being #forSalem (and #forKeizer, #forTurner, #for… wherever) means being neighborly. Loving the people around you, both in word and deed. We have a teaching series (see below) to explain further, a website, and monthly challenges to encourage being #forSalem.

Series messages

Part 1: God is For Salem, 8-12-18

by Jon Silva | #forSalem

Part 2: We are For Salem, 8-19-18

by Jon Silva | #forSalem

Part 3: You can be For Salem, 8-26-18

by Jon Silva | #forSalem