Love is powerful.

It can lift you higher than the highest peaks and crush you smaller than the lowest dust.

Relationships can either empower you or drain you.

The difference is found in a few illogical steps.

Find out more by watching the entire series, which orginally “aired” in April and May of 2018 at Crosscreek.

Part 1: The Secret

by Jon Silva, 4-8-18

Part 2: Wedded Bliss

by Jon Silva, 4-15-18

Part 3: Family Matters

by Jon Silva, 4-22-18

Part 4: Fight with Honor

by Jon Silva, 4-29-18

Part 5: You Had One Job

by Aaron Fiedler, 5-6-18

Part 6: The MOST Illogical Love

by Jon Silva, 5-13-18

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