Following Jesus transforms you.

It makes you more and more of who you were originally designed to be. But how do we know that we are being transformed? Is there a way to measure it? Is there something we can do to work with God in this transformation? This series will provide 6 key measures to help us gauge and track our transformation.

Part 1: Confidently Trusting

by Jon Silva, 5-20-18

Part 2: Independently Growing

by Jon Silva, 5-27-18

Part 3: Authentically Connecting

by Ken Silva, 6-3-18

Part 4: Selflessly Serving

by Jon Silva, 6-10-18

Part 5: Faithfully Investing

by Jon Silva, 6-17-18

Part 6: Selflessly Serving

by Ken Silva, 6-24-18

Church is a People, not a place...

We can demonstrate being FOR our neighbors by taking every precaution we can to help protect the vulnerable in our community and not being a part of the spread. Read more about our plan, and how you can still connect and discover.

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