A Christmas Series

Normal. Typical. Routine. Mundane. Ordinary.
Most of us can point to areas of our lives that can be summed up with these 5 words.

But God wants more for us than simply an ordinary existence.

That’s why he concocted the most ridiculous story ever told. Christmas. Angels, a pregnant virgin, wisemen, ancient prophecies, a baby born to save the world. A story many of us dismiss as too extraordinary to be true. But what if this ridiculously extraordinary story is the answer to changing our ordinary into something more? This Christmas, let’s find our place in a story that is completely out of the ordinary.

We miss the extraordinary because we think we are stuck in the ordinary. Maybe that’s why God came up with one of the craziest stories ever told… And if you’re not a little skeptical perhaps you haven’t really read it. It’s the story of God breaking into our ordinary and giving us the extraordinary. The truth is, there is only one you… you are not ordinary. So why settle for an ordinary life? Maybe God has something more in mind. Watch or listen to find out more.

Oftentimes life seems to be a boring routine interrupted by frequent annoyances. So we do what we can to not rock the boat… keep our head down… just get through and try to avoid as much pain as possible. But what if there is more going on behind the scenes than we know? What if the annoyances are opportunities? Opportunities to break out of the ordinary? Listen or watch to see the ultimate example of how God uses the ordinary to create the extraordinary.

It was darn good news for the shepherds, and it still is for us today: You are known. You are infinitely valuable. Your life has a purpose.

Because of Jesus, ordinary life never has to be ordinary again. Listen in to find out more about what we mean.

Christmas #forSalem (12.22.19)

For many, Christmas brings a vague longing of a hazy memory of something better. There’s a feeling that something is out there (some kind of Christmas magic) but we just can’t reach it… The world seems dark, but something in us says it’s not supposed to be like this. That’s why Jesus came, to show us… God is with us, and God is for us. And Christmas is about God making things the way they should be.

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