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Over the last 2000 years, Billions of people have chosen to become Jesus followers And the Church has literally changed the history of humankind. HOW? Was it an accident? Was it some mystical heavenly force? Or did normal people, through the power of God and the simple message of Jesus do it on purpose? Can we play a part in this movement? And can we also do it on purpose?  A March 2018 message series.
Part 1: The Purpose
March 4, 2018

How can we be a church on purpose?

Part 1: The Purpose

by Jon Silva, 3-4-18 | Church on Purpose

Part 2: The Power
March 11, 2018

We can be God’s ambassadors because God empowers us.

Part 2: The Power

by Jon Silva, 3-18-18 | Church on Purpose

Part 3: The Process
March 18, 2018

We can do “church on purpose” when we participate in the process of church.

Part 3: The Process

by Aaron Fiedler, 3-18-18 | Church on Purpose

Part 4: The Prayer
March 25, 2018

The prayer of a church on purpose is for the courage to work with God to save others.

Part 4: The Prayer

by Jon Silva, 3-25-18 | Church on Purpose

Every year many of us hope this is the Christmas that will finally live up to the hype. And every year we end up at least a little disappointed because Christmas just seemed so… ordinary. Where is the magical feeling we are promised in the songs, movies, and see in the story of the first Christmas? Yet, on the outside, the first Christmas didn’t live up to the hype either… until you look a little closer. Let’s explore the extraordinary story of the ordinary first Christmas and maybe this year can be our Best Christmas Ever.

Part 1: Deal with Your Expectations

Dr. Ken Silva, 11-26-17

False expectations can blind us to the real joy of Christmas.

Part 2: Hard to Believe

Jon Silva, 12-03-17

God chooses ordinary people.

Part 3: Another Ordinary Christmas

Jon Silva, 12-10-17

Extraordinary is found in the ordinary

Part 4: The Purpose

Jon Silva, 12-17-17

Jesus transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.

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