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(For some background info on the WHY before you read the how, jump to here.)

Our goal is to develop participating partners, not just solitary spectators.

As you go through the ‘radio tower’ picture, know it’s not a step-by-step process. It’s arranged in level of strength/closeness of relationship (bottom of tower = safer, further away relationships; top of tower = closer relationships, more intimate/vulnerable).

All of this is designed to support and hold up you!

You are the antenna declaring the message of Jesus’ love wherever God takes you: home, work, neighborhood, hobbies…

Read on to find out how you can be supported and grow together with us:


Groups of 2-3 people learning, growing, and supporting each other in a personal and personalized on-demand format. 

*No special training required. Conversation starters and recommended resources provided here. If you need help finding an ally we would be happy to help.

Connect Groups

Groups of 6-12 people who discuss our weekly Together ForSalem Episodes (see below) and share life together as an embodiment of “the Church.” For younger ages, see our kids content and youth opportunities.

For Salem Opportunities

Individual, group, and community opportunities to serve and show our neighbors we are FOR them before they are ever FOR us. Corporate opportunities announced monthly on Together For Salem Episodes and social media.

On-Site Gatherings

Larger gatherings that are usually designed around a community meal or a service project. These are opportunities for Connect Groups and Together For Salem Episode watchers to connect and be part of a larger community.  

Together #forSalem Episodes

Crosscreek’s on-demand (Youtube and Podcast) teachings about what it means to follow Jesus. Designed to introduce others to the love of Jesus and to bring our community around the same mission and direction.

The How:

How is Crosscreek going to be a community that invites our neighbors to discover, enjoy, and share the life Jesus offers… together? The key to all of it is YOU.

In this episode, Jon explains the radio tower and how you fit into it.

Notes & Questions || Transcript

The Why

Watch this one for some background info…

When we read the historical accounts of the first Jesus Followers there seems to be a vast difference between what we see in them and what we see in our current American Church. Why is that? What made a group of persecuted Jesus Followers who were on the run for their lives such an effective force for change in their world? What have we missed in our current view of the Church?



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