Over the last two and half years Crosscreek Community Church has been a safe space to for people who don’t normally go to church to discover God’s love. As more of our neighbors join this community there is a growing need for them and their families to have a safe space to park on Sunday evenings.

In order to keep up with the pace of new people discovering God’s love and to create a safe parking environment for them, the parking lot of the building we rent needs to be re-graveled and expanded, the cost of which will be $10,000.

Crosscreek, however, is not just about Sundays nor simply our own needs.

Crosscreek is for Salem because God is for Salem.

And to that end we are aiming to raise a total of $15,000. The goal is ⅓ of every dollar raised will support the work of Every Child, an organization whose mission is to provide provide love, care, and support for vulnerable children and families in Oregon in partnership with Oregon’s Department of Human Services.

We are praying that this partnership will not only allow more of our neighbors to discover God’s love at a Sunday service, but will also allow foster children and families to truly experience the love of God in their lives.

We need you!

Would you please consider financially partnering with us to bring the love of God to as many of our neighbors as possible?

We are looking for…

1 Partner at $1500
3 Partners at $1000
5 Partners at $500
20 Partners at $250
20 Partners at $100
20 Partners at $50

$250 will buy 1 parking space and will provide 6 welcome boxes for children entering foster care.

I'm ready!