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May #FORSalem Opportunity

Every month we have a FOR Salem opportunity.  A chance for you to be FOR your neighbor (because God is!!!) and also have a little fun. This month’s, May 2021, we decided to hit restaurants with some love and also thank teachers. Read on!

Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

1. Pick a Teacher

It could either your kid or grandkid’s teacher, or just from your neighborhood’s school (Google is your friend, here).

Teacher emails are easy to find on school websites! What a surprise it would be to get a thank-you in what has been a pretty interesting and trying year!

2. Pick a Restaurant

Most restaurants have e-gift card options on their websites. You can also use a service like giftly. The gift card will go straight to their email inbox!


3. Encourage others

Challenge a friend to do the same. [text typing noises here] “hey u, did you do that May #forSalem thinger yet? I chose _____ [restaurant] and just sent it to Mr./Mrs. blah blah. It felt great!!! ? “

Connect, enjoy, share.

Staying connected is important. We have outdoor parties on 2nd and 4th Sundays, and Connect Groups meet weekly. Consider making the online content a part of our your routine and receive encouragement & hope. Take your faith further by forming an alliance.

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