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Christmas Together. It was…

A Christmas celebration for all ages and stages of life…
for the hopeful and for the burned out…
for the dreamers and the cynics…
for those who choose to believe and those that can’t help but doubt.
You are invited to experience a community that is truly FOR you.
You are invited to experience
this at all of our gatherings.


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    • Watch messages ONLINE. We’ll have all of our teachings online. In-Person events focus on songs, togethering, and communion.
    • Be FOR Salem INDIVIDUALLY this month with “Christmas FOR Everyone.”

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    A Christmas-y FOR Salem Opportunity to Love Thy Neighbor!

    Buy socks for Church @ The Park guests. Bring them to Monica’s house or our in-person gathering. You can also donate oodles more types of needs. Find out more here.

    Simonka Place needs body lotion and blankets. Support women and families in need. Drop off your items directly to SP in Keizer. Find out more about their ministry here.

    CASA of Marion County has a wishlist on Amazon. Make a foster kids’ Christmas special and send a gift using their Amazon wishlist. Find out more about their work here.

    This one’s pretty simple. You know who they are! They’re your neighbor or your coworker. Make them a treat, or buy one! A plate of cookies, a bottle of wine, a coffee… for no real reason other than to just be generous! You can even keep it anonymous.

    This one is a super fun and random act of kindness. While you’re doing your Christmas shopping, buy a gift card, walk around the store, and sneak it into a shopping cart of someone nearby! God loves to surprise his kids, so we can practice that too!

    If you’re at a drive-thru, offer to pay for the person behind you. It might be coffee. But it could also be a cheeseburger or macho burrito! What a fun surprise when they arrive to pay, as you drive happily away!