Sunday, December 22, 2019 - 4:30-5:30pm

Fun for everyone... A visit from Santa, gifts, free raffle prizes, cookies, pro photographer photobooth, carols, and more!
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let’s celebrate together!

A free event for the whole family, including:



  • A visit from Santa with gifts for kids
  • A photobooth with professional photographer and free images emailed to you
  • A raffle for adults with local #SalemOregon prizes
  • Christmas carols
  • A short message about Christmas
  • Treats and cookies

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What can I expect? Like, really?
Doors open at 4:10, so you can arrive with enough time to get your family picture taken (or you can also do that afterwards).

Kids ages 0 to grade 5 have special environments designed just for them. Sneak peak #1: Santa will be visiting classrooms and handing out presents. Elementary aged kids will join us for some Christmas carols upstairs before they go to their classroom to do their craft and get visited from Mr. Claus.

Adults and older kids will be entertained by our band and we’ll have some Christmas-y music. Then Jon will share a short message about Christmas and baby Jesus’ birth. We’ll also do a raffle upfront and have some stellar prizes you’ll see featured on Social Media this December (Sneak Peak #2). The whole thing will last about an hour.

And really, if you want to keep your kids with you upstairs you are more than welcome! We do find that the kids are pretty excited about our short video lesson, a hands-on craft, and Santa visit!

Afterwards, you have the option to enjoy our “treats buffet,” coffee and photobooth (if you didn’t get that done before). All of this is free, and digital downloads are made available after the event!

Well, whatever should I wear?
You can dress however you feel comfortable! Some families take advantage of our pro photographer and dress nicely. Others wear their usual garb… and are perfectly fine with that. Jeans, Christmas sweaters, tshirts, dresses… it’s really quite a range. Mostly, we want you to feel comfortable. You’ll fit right in dressed up or dressed regularly.
Treats? But, I have food allergies...
There will be gluten and nut free options. We probably have you covered. If not, let us know ahead of time using the contact form.
Santa? At a church?
Yep. We think he’s a cool guy, and the kids do too. We believe Christmas is a celebration, and we also think St. Nick was a neat guy.
Where is Crosscreek?
We actually rent our space from the very kind Gateway Community Church. We meet in the afternoons on Sundays, 4:30pm in their space at 922 Hylo Road SE. There’s ample parking, but come early to get your Christmas picture taken and a cup of coffee (both optional of course).

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