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We are a church for people who don’t normally go to church. But we are also a church FOR people… who maybe have questions about God, Jesus, the bible, and living in these crazy times. We hope you find our weekly episodes and in-person community groups helpful and joy-filled.


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Our Current Series: The biographies of Jesus’ life offer some impossible stories of Jesus doing impossible things. Miracles. Healings. People coming back from the dead. What if it’s all true? What if Jesus can do the impossible? What could be actually possible now? As Jesus once said, “…with God everything is possible.”

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We are always adjusting and keeping you and yours in mind. Contact us with your questions, and check out #churchathome messages for some encouragement & hope.

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From day one, we felt welcomed. This church is full of people who love Jesus and the community, with a heart for service. During COVID, the online content has been engaging and I love the monthly suggestions for how we can support our local area and show Salem we are FOR them, and God is FOR them.

Donna L.

I’ve been to so many churches in my life. I’ve never felt so completely comfortable as I do with Crosscreek people! Whether in person or virtually, these amazing Jesus-followers show everyone that loving Christ and others is our #1 job, that we may not get it right all the time, but we still get to try again. You won’t get the feeling of being judged for how you live your life! They will show you how you may WANT to live your life closer to Jesus.

Kristin W.

I love this church. The people here are so welcoming. I don’t think I have ever found a more caring and non-judgmental church than Crosscreek.

Lauren C.

…a church FOR people who don’t normally go to church.