We are a community that’s for each other and for Salem.

What is "For Salem?"

At Crosscreek we are FOR Salem…

We believe that for too long, the Church has been known for what it is against, not what it is for. We have gotten distracted, trying to win some culture war or impose a strict set of rules and values on a society that wants nothing to do with the hypocrisy, prejudice, and judgment that comes with it.

The Church is often seen as an exclusive religious club solely concerned about the insider and their own “holy huddle.” It is concerned only about what happens within its four walls for an hour or two on a Sunday and not about their neighbors who might never enter those walls.

We want to change that.

FOR SALEM isn’t a nice slogan we have. It’s not a gimmicky catch-phrase… it’s who we are. It’s why we exist: to invite our neighbors to discover, enjoy, and share God’s love, because God is FOR them.

You & For Salem

Discover a life of actively being FOR others. Because God is for you, your family, your neighbors, and your city.

  • Pay it backward / Acts of Kindness
  • Donate goods to nonprofits (UGM, Church @ the Park, Simonka Place, Grace House, and more!)
  • Use For Salem Encouragement Cards to spread the message that God is FOR you. (email us for cards)
  • Be neighborly: get to know the people in proximity to you. Check in, help out, be generous.
  • Watch our latest episode on “service” as a practice.

Next steps...

Sign up for our next event. If there’s no active event located at the top of this page, reach out to us so you can get on a list to find out about upcoming service opportunties.

You can go old-school and email us info @ yourcrosscreek.com — or you can use our Welcome form to think a little less and just check some boxes for your “hello!” (You can also request a free bible there, or ask for some For Salem Encouragement cards!)

What we believe:

There is a God.
He loves you and he is for you.
He is not disinterested or mad at you.
He wants you to know, trust, and love him.
He became a human, Jesus.
Jesus showed us what God is really like in his life, death and resurrection.
He invites everyone to enjoy a transforming, meaningful, and relational life through his love… now and forever.

From day one, we felt welcomed. This church is full of people who love Jesus and the community, with a heart for service. During COVID, the online content has been engaging and I love the monthly suggestions for how we can support our local area and show Salem we are FOR them, and God is FOR them.


Discover a life of actively being FOR others.

Because God is for you, your family, your neighbors, and your city.

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Connect, enjoy, share.

Staying connected is important. We have weekly gatherings on Sundays, and Connect Groups that meet mid-week in homes. Consider making the online content a part of our your routine and receive encouragement & hope if you can't come to our in-person service. Take your faith further by forming an alliance.

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