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Will there be food?

YES! And for free. …The last Wednesday of the month will be a potluck, but the other Wednesdays are on us. 🙂

Usually it’s things like pasta, chips n dips, soups, casseroles, burrito bar… you know, stuff like that. 

What ages can attend?

Grades 6 through 12. We have 5ish adults who show up on the regular (background checked of course) to be mentors / discussion leaders / chefs for your kiddos.

Do I have to "go to" Crosscreek to "go to" Connect?

No! Of course we’d love to see you on a Sunday, but you don’t have to attend church, or even follow Jesus, to come to Crosscreek Youth Connect.

There will be a portion of time when we discuss real life stuff, Question-Box questions and a portion of Sunday’s message… it’s been a great time to share what we’ve been discovering / wondering about God and what it means to follow Jesus.

Everyone has the right to remain silent during conversation time, but we hope you’ll feel free to share your latest thoughts and what’s in your head and on your heart.

Can I bring my DS/Gameboy/Atari/Tablet/iPhone/Blackberry device?

Yes! We will have ping pong, foosball, musical instruments, games and the like, but we aren’t a no-technology youth group. There will be portion of time alloted for hangout “free time.” We have electricity for charging and friends for sharing. Of course there will be other times when you won’t need your device, like the conversation time and food time (we don’t want you getting queso or ranch on your screen!).

Will it be serious or fun?

Both! We will have plenty of free-time / hang out time and game or two. But also a bit of time for conversations about real life and stuff and things. You can participate in any of the activities/talks as much or as little as you like. 

stayING connected

Staying connected is important. We are having outdoor parties twice a month on 2nd and 4th Sundays, and Connect Groups meet weekly. Check out our online content for encouragement & hope.

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