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So, what about….?

[Season 2, 2020]

An open and honest discussion exploring your questions about God and Christianity. 

We all have questions and doubts. Doubts are normal, even good! Doubt is part of being human. And, asking questions is the key to spiritual growth. In the first of our series, we tackle one of the most common topics: our origin.

But before we start, know this: We can disagree and still be in the same family. You can disagree and still be a full participant in Crosscreek. And, we want to have this to be a start of the conversation. Take this further using the buttons below.

We believe pain and suffering are real, and the questions about WHY it’s such a part of our human condition deserve a real answer. We do our best in this episode to give an explanation for its purpose.

We also want to have this to be a start of the conversation. And you can be involved. Take it further by sending us your comments & questions (, using the study questions with a friend, and listening to the next 5 messages in this series.

What’s the difference between Christianity and other religions? How do you know which one is RIGHT? It’d be easy if we could just say they all are. But… the problem is all faiths can’t be true without fundamentally changing what they are. So what do we do with this? There are REAL differences, and that can be hard to talk about without making someone feel ‘wrong’ or insulted. So as we explore this question of differences… let’s keep this in mind. Disagreement is not the same as hate or intolerance.

As you listen or watch, know this too: this is meant to be a start to a bigger conversation. And that means you’re with us in it, we hope. And, it doesn’t stop here! Take it further using the links below.

Even for church-goers, church can confusing, boring, hurtful, weird… So, what’s the point? Why do we have to go to an organized event or building in order to worship God? Can’t we just do that in nature, or by ourselves? What’s the point? In part 4, we tackle these questions… and here’s the point we’ll dig into: Church isn’t somewhere you go. It’s something you are.
What people hate most about religion are judgmental hypocrites. And maybe we won’t make many friends with this one, but Christians can be the WORST. Like, if Jesus is who he said he was (loving, kind, compassionate), and Christianity is “real,” why are so many people turned off to church because of the people who are in them?! Really, it boils down to this: Hypocrisy is the difference between who we are and who we pretend to be. Well, we hope in listening to this you can find some practical steps to avoiding it, whether you’re a Jesus Follower or not.
What happens when we die? What will it be like? Will there be pets? How about marriage? Babies? Jon goes through a list of “So, what about…?” questions related to all things Heaven.

Thanks for watching online this week, and for foreseeable future. You can still connect with us virtually, and keep checking in with your neighbors and each other. We can be the Church, be FOR each other, without a building. And contact us with your needs, questions, prayer requests, or just to say hi.

Give it a listen or a watch, and let it be the START of a bigger conversation. You can take this message further by sending us your comments & questions (, use our study questions, and listen to all of the messages in this series. We’d love to hear from you!

Season 1, 2019

Part 1: God’s Existence

Everyone has a belief system… our lives is shaped by what we believe. And, having a belief system requires skepticism, and that’s a good thing. It means we are engaging your brain and not just accepting or ignoring everything that comes our way. Our challenge to you is to follow where the evidence leads… not where you hope it leads; engage your thinking not just your emotions. Belief in the existence of God does not have to mean the abandonment of reason. In this first part of “So, what about…” we explore the question: Does God exist?

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Part 2: Science

Part 3: The Bible

Part 4: Evil & Suffering

Part 5: Hypocrisy

Part 6: Exclusivity