Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
3 Steps to Greatness [Mark 9:30-37]

God wants you to be great and Jesus gave us 3 simple, but counterintuitive, steps to get there.

Main Ideas:
[00:43] God wants you to be great.
[01:15] We usually base our “greatness” on who we are better than.
[01:52] Jesus modeled and taught what it truly means to be great.
[04:22] Jesus redefined greatness.
[06:33] True greatness doesn’t need to be advertised or proven.
[07:46] The path to greatness leads down not up.
[11:02] True greatness comes out of true humility.
[11:06] Humility- Freedom from needing to feel important or recognized.
[12:11] Greatness is available to anyone willing to accept it.
[16:56] The life Jesus offers is a life of true greatness.

3 Steps to True Greatness:
[12:23] 1st: Redefine greatness by looking at Jesus
[13:26] 2nd: Stop fighting to climb higher and serve at the bottom by asking, “Who can I serve?”
[14:26] 3rd: Practice true humility by accepting your true worth.

Discussion Questions:
1. Reread Mark 9 vv.30-37 and the main ideas from the message. What stands out to you most? What questions or thoughts do you have?

2. Can you think of any examples from your own life of someone who exemplifies the type of greatness described in this passage and message?

3. Read Philippians 2 vv.1-11. How do you think understanding our worth in God’s eyes affects our ability to serve others?

4. How could redefining greatness impact your daily interactions and relationships?
– In which areas of your life could you redefine greatness?

5. How can your group pray with you this week?



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