Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
Everyone can hope. [Hope Again, pt 2 / 3]

When we look around the real world doesn’t really give us more to hope for. But we don’t have to give up, try to ignore what’s wrong, or distract ourselves with pointless diversions. There is real hope. We are all invited to play our role in a revolution of hope for the entire world.

Main Points:
[01:00] The holidays can illuminate what is wrong with our life and the world and what little we can do about any of it.
[01:28] The “real” world doesn’t give us a lot to really hope for.
[01:51] Jesus invites us to join a revolution of hope.
[06:40] God’s revolution is rooted in his mercy and love.
[07:45] God always accomplishes what he promises.
[09:00] Jesus’ revolution of hope completely disrupts our social hierarchies.
[10:53] Jesus’ revolution shows us our real worth, identity, and purpose.
[14:55] Jesus’ revolution is a revolution of hope because it gives true worth to every human here and now.
[16:00] We are invited to play our own role in Jesus’ revolution of hope… together.
[21:24] When we find real hope we can offer it to the real world.

Weekly Challenge [20:27]
Pray: Jesus, I am yours. My life is yours. Do with it whatever you want.
Read: Matthew 16 vv24-26
Give: Hope (Presence, Words, Money)

Discussion Questions:
1. What stood out or bothered you about this week’s message? Was there anything you agreed with or pushed back on?
2. In your own words, how would you describe what Jon was getting at with, “God’s revolution of hope is rooted in his mercy and love?”
3. Read Matthew 16 vv24-26. Why do you think Jesus makes such a high demand from his followers?
4. Often we see ourselves as both “less than” and “more than” at the same time. How do you think accepting God’s mercy, love, and invitation to the revolution would change both of those views for you?
5. How can your group pray for you this week?


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