Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
FINDING YOUR FOCUS (How to figure out your life's purpose) [Mark 12:35-44]

Are you struggling to find your life’s purpose and focus? Whether you are seeking religious exploration, inspiration, or simply looking to understand Christianity better, this video will be helpful. Join us as we explore the teachings of Jesus Christ and uncover a way to navigate life with love, peace, and a deeper connection to your faith.


Welcome to Crosscreek Community Church’s YouTube Channel! Located in the Pacific Northwest, Crosscreek Community Church offers a welcoming online church community for those on a journey to discover their meaning in life, explore their doubts, ask questions, and discover more about God, Jesus, Christianity, the Bible, and more.


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[00:00] Main Ideas:
[01:16] Our focus determines our direction.
[02:02] The Kingdom of God was the central focus of Jesus’ life.
[04:55] If we want to experience the life Jesus offers we have to change our focus.
[05:33] Life becomes blurry when our focus is on ourselves.
[06:31] Constant self-focus leads to oblivious self-deception.
[08:34] Focusing on the Kingdom of God brings clarity to our lives.
[09:26] When we fully focus on God’s kingdom, we learn to fully trust him.
[11:31] What we do with our money reveals and directs our focus.
[14:28] A clear focus reveals our place in the world.

Ask: What kingdom am I focusing on?
Change your focus through deliberate practice.

Discussion Questions:
1. What do you think are some common “distractions” that keep people from being able to focus on what truly matters?

2. Jon said, “Our focus determines our direction.” Can you think of any examples from your life where you’ve seen this play out?

3. Read Matthew 6 v.33. What does it mean to you to “Seek the Kingdom of God?”

4. What practices could you deliberately implement to shift your focus more fully to the Kingdom of God?

5. How can your group pray with you?



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