Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
How can I stop worrying about the future? (Real Peace: pt 3/3)

Worrying about “What If?” can suck the joy out of our life. But there is a way to have peace even in the face of the worst “What If’s.” It’s what the Christmas story is all about.

Main Ideas:
[01:28] Fear of future “what if’s” poisons our peace now.
[02:56] We are all invited to something so much better than a “what if” life.
[04:53] Jesus proved he is stronger than the greatest “what if”… death.
[06:20] Trust is the antidote to the poison of worry.
[07:19] Jesus’ peace is a gift we get to accept.
[10:36] If Jesus is who he said he is, we can have peace with our past, present, and future now.

Family Discussion Questions:
1. Do you have any “What If” worries about the future?
2. Read Romans 8:38-39. How would you describe Jesus’ love for you?
3. How do you think trusting Jesus can give us peace with our “What Ifs?”
4. What are some ways we can trust Jesus this week?



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