Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
What Happens After We Die? The Truth According To Jesus. [Mark 12:18-27]

Embrace the power of resurrection to embrace life fully, no matter the challenges we face.

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[00:00] Key Thoughts:
[01:18] It’s difficult to live in the moment when the moment isn’t what we want it to be.
[02:09] We can never create the perfect moment to live in.
[02:43] What we believe about our future shapes how we live now.
[05:57] Sometimes our imaginations are so small we can’t see God for who he really is.
[07:05] The resurrection will be a transformation into a new bodily life.
[09:41] Resurrection is fundamental to God’s nature
[10:56] Jesus is proof that God will raise the dead.
[12:03] The resurrection reshapes how we see ourselves and the world
[14:03] The hope of resurrection allows us to live fully in every moment now.

Post John 11 vv.25-26 somewhere you’ll see it everyday
– Believe it
– Live it

Discussion Questions:
1. What does it mean or look like to you to “live in the moment?”

2. What are some distractions or worries that prevent you from being present in your life?

3. Read John 11 vv.25-26. What changes might you see in your daily moments if you truly viewed them through the lens of resurrection hope?

4. What are some strategies you could use to help remind yourself of the hope of resurrection this week?

5. How can your group pray with you?



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