Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
How should Christians Vote? [Mark 12:13-17]

In this episode, we’ll explore how Christians should approach voting, focusing on Jesus’ teachings about the kingdom of God over political agendas.

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[00:00] Key Thoughts:
[01:09] People often equate loyalty to God with loyalty to their political views.
[01:53] Blind loyalty to divisive groups just creates division.
[02:24] We can have strong differences without creating division.
[04:28] Fear of losing often blinds us to what God is doing.
[07:08] Basing our Identity on one group over another breeds hypocrisy.
[09:44] Whatever bears God’s image belongs to God.
[10:48] The Kingdom of God is so much bigger and better than the divisive “either/or” people try to force us into.
[11:38] Jesus’ followers follow their King, not a political party or ideology.
[14:08] When we refuse to be used by political agendas God will use us to bring his Kingdom.

Ask: Are you willing to follow Jesus regardless of where he leads you politically?

Refuse to be used.

Discussion Questions:
1. What bothered, frustrated, challenged, encouraged, or struck you in this week’s message?

2. Why do you think people often equate loyalty to God with loyalty to their political views?

3. Read Philippians 3 v.20. How do you think Jesus-Followers can balance being good citizens with staying out of the divisive political game?

4. How do you think recognizing the image of God in every person could affect our political and social interactions?

5. How can your group pray with you?



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