Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
How To Fight Like Jesus [Mark 11:27-33]

Learn how to fight like Jesus and live with purpose! Discover God’s heart as you are invited to fight alongside him for what truly matters.

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Key Thoughts:
[01:11] What we fight for reveals what we live for.
[02:11] If we want to fight “right” we need to fight like Jesus.
[03:28] Jesus’ purpose caused him to purposely pick fights on purpose.
[05:20] Jesus fought because he knew he was fighting from God’s heart.
[07:30] When our hearts are inline with God’s we can’t help but pick the right fights.
[08:29] Our desire for security can make us blindly fight the wrong fights.
[09:25] To fight the right fights we have to separate our wants from God’s purpose.
[11:22] Jesus fought for us so we can fight for others.
[14:41] To fight like Jesus we need to have the purpose of Jesus.

[11:42] Ask: What purpose has God put on your heart right now?
[12:17] Reflect: Does this fight reflect God’s heart… Read Isaiah 1 v.17
[12:45] Pray: Jesus, give me the wisdom and courage to fight like you.

Discussion Questions:
1. Who or what do you find yourself wanting to fight? Why do you think that is?

2. Jon said, “To fight the right fights we have to separate our wants from God’s purpose.” How can we discern whether a fight is about our preferences or about God’s purpose?

3. Think of a cause or issue you are passionate about. How do you think it aligns with God’s heart as revealed in Isaiah 1 v.17.

4. How can we as individuals and as a community better align our efforts with Jesus’ mission to reach those who feel excluded from God?

5. How can your group pray with you this week?



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