Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
How To Have Peace With Others Now (Real Peace: pt 2/3)

We can only experience real peace in our lives if we have peace with the people around us. But is that even possible? It is when we experience the peace of God.

Main Ideas:
[01:16] It seems like life would be peaceful if it weren’t for all the people.
[01:53] Each of us is and has been the thief of someone else’s peace.
[02:19] Real peace comes from whole and healthy relationships.
[04:50] Peace with God clears the path to peace with each other.
[06:07] Real peace isn’t seen in the absence of conflict but in how we navigate it together.
[06:36] We can’t forgive what we don’t acknowledge.
[07:24] Loved and forgiven people love and forgive people.
[09:34] The closer we get to Jesus the closer we get to each other.
[11:14] When we truly accept what Jesus has done we can truly accept each other… faults and all.
[16:11] We experience real peace now when we offer the peace of God to each other.

To experience real peace now…
[13:07] Accept the peace of God
[13:31] Live in the peace of God
[13:57] Offer the peace of God

Discussion Questions:
1. Would you describe yourself more as an “Avoider” or a “Confronter?” Why do you think you lean that way? What do you see as the pro’s and con’s of your stronger trait?

2. Jon said, “The closer we get to Jesus the closer we get to each other.” What do you think he meant? Have you ever seen this play out in real life?

3. Read Jesus’ parable in Matthew 18 vv.21-35. What stands out to you?

4. What might change in your life if you were able to see relationships as opportunities to experience and create real peace? What are some steps you can take this week to gain that perspective?

5. How can your group pray for you this week?



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