Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
Is God mad at me? [Discovering, pt 2/6]

If there is a God, what does he think about you? Our typical answer is: he’s mad. It seems like everyone is mad about something, so God definitely is too. And, probably mad about something we’ve done too, right? But, what if we’re wrong about how God sees us? What if he’s different? What if he’s better? What if he’s actually not mad at you at all?

Episode Breakdown
00:00 Everyone’s just mad
01:42 A good way to understand Genesis
02:56 Adam and Eve, for real?
05:10 Where things went wrong…
08:14 How God reacted to them
10:03 Blame game
11:30 The serpent…
13:24 An interesting detail
14:30 what the story shows
15:25 Where are YOU?
16:30 A challenge
18:09 Qs and Updates

Main Points
– Most of us think if there is a God, he’s probably not very happy with us.
– What we think we know about God keeps us from discovering what God thinks about us.
– God bases relationships on trust.
– Sin is the result of refusing to trust God is who he says he is.
– Sin creates shame, fear, and separation.
– When our fear and shame make us hide… God’s love compels him to restore us.
– Jesus destroyed the separation sin created.
– God sees you with compassion and care.
– God is persistently pursuing our restoration.
– God is not mad at you. He is lovingly pursuing you.

This week’s challenge:
Enjoy/Read: Psalm 103.
Pray: Here I am. Show me your love.

Discussion Questions
1. Jon said, “God sees you with compassion and care.” How have you experienced this truth this week?
2. Why do you think we sometimes feel that God is mad at us instead of lovingly pursuing us?
3. Take some time and read Psalm 103 together. What are one or two ideas that stand out to you the most?
4. In what ways do you think you run from God? What would it look like to simply enjoy his full embrace?
5. How can your group pray with you this week?



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