what about...? {season 2}
what about...? {season 2}
So, What About...? [Pt 3: Narrow Minded]

What’s the difference between Christianity and other religions? How do you know which one is RIGHT? It’d be easy if we could just say they all are. But… the problem is all faiths can’t be true without fundamentally changing what they are. So what do we do with this? There are REAL differences, and that can be hard to talk about without making someone feel ‘wrong’ or insulted. So as we explore this question of differences… let’s keep this in mind. Disagreement is not the same as hate or intolerance

As you listen or watch, know this too: this is meant to be a start to a bigger conversation. And that means you’re with us in it, we hope. And, it doesn’t stop here! Take it further by sending us your comments & questions (info@yourcrosscreek.com), use those study questions, and listen to all of the messages in this series.

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