what about...? {season 2}
what about...? {season 2}
So, What About...? [Pt 6: Heaven]

What happens when we die? What will it be like? Will there be pets? How about marriage? Babies? Jon goes through a list of “So, what about…?” questions related to all things Heaven. Thanks for watching online this week, and for foreseeable future. You can still connect with us virtually, and keep checking in with your neighbors and each other. We can be the Church, be FOR each other, without a building. And contact us with your needs, questions, prayer requests, or just to say hi.

Give it a listen or a watch, and let it be the START of a bigger conversation. You can take this message further by sending us your comments & questions (info@yourcrosscreek.com), use our study questions, and listen to all of the messages in this series. We’d love to hear from you!

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