Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
Stop trying to be a good person. [A Life That *Actually* Works - Sermon on the Mount, pt 2 / 6]

Just about everyone thinks they are a good person. But simply being good enough doesn’t seem to be enough to have a life that actually works. Maybe the life we are made for isn’t just about being a good person. There’s something better and something more we can be.

Discussion Questions:
1. What thoughts, questions, arguments, or hesitations do you have about this passage and/or message?
2. Compare a ‘good’ person with a “God Person.” What are some key differences? Do you sense any invitations or challenges in this distinction for your own life?
3. Read Philippians 2:12-13. Jon described the process of the Holy Spirit changing our hearts as a dance or a hand in a glove. How would you describe this dynamic? Have you seen this play out in your or someone else’s life?
4. What pushback(s) do you have towards Jesus’ teaching this week? Why do you think that is?
5. How can your group pray with you this week?

Main Points:
[00:54] We all have a list of “rules” we believe make someone a good person.
[01:25] We all think we are a good person, but we don’t all experience a life that actually works.
[02:22] Following rules doesn’t get us to a life that actually works.
[04:09] A right relationship with God and others isn’t based on following the letter of God’s law, but living out God’s love.
[07:01] Jesus didn’t come to make you a good person. He came to make you a God person.
[09:17] How we love others is more important than the laws we follow.
[11:23] If you have to find a loophole you’re not loving.
[15:13] God People care more for the person who hurts them than for their right to hurt them back.
[16:36] Following the Law of Love is simple, but it’s not easy. It’s not complicated but it is demanding.
[20:42] Jesus gives us new hearts, not new rules.

Weekly Challenge:
ASK: What pushback(s) do I feel to Jesus’ teaching? What’s up with that?




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