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The Problem with Church (Ep 59)

When we read the historical accounts of the first Jesus Followers there seems to be a vast difference between what we see in them and what we see in our current American Church. Why is that? What made a group of persecuted Jesus Followers who were on the run for their lives such an effective force for change in their world? What have we missed in our current view of the Church?

Episode Breakdown:
1:00 Backyard Hello
3:00 The Church’s Problem w/ Jon
23:00 Challenge, Giveaways, and Knight Rider

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▶ Suggested Bible Readings:
Acts 1-12

▶ Additional Resources:
Future Church- Will Mancini and Corey Hartman
Irresistible- Andy Stanley–again_andy-stanley/
Evangelism in the Early Church- Michael Green

Music we listened to making this episode:
Heart Songs- Weezer:
Mack the Knife- Bobby Darin:
Wait for It – Hamilton Soundtrack:

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  1. How have you seen God working this week?
  2. What stood out to you most in this week’s message? Were there any portions that were confusing or bothersome? Discuss reactions and highlights together.
  3. Read Matthew 28:18-20. What is your first reaction to the “Great Commission?” What might it practically look like for this to be a guide for both your personal life and the overall life of the Church?
  4. As you consider Jesus’ command to his followers, how can your group pray for you this week?