Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
The Inclusivity of Jesus [Mark 7:24-37]

Jesus invites all of us to join a family based upon acceptance, inclusivity, and love… It’s available to everyone right now.

[00:48] We naturally accept people who are like us and reject people who are different.
[01:44] The Church often reflects the divisions and prejudices we see in our world.
[03:33] Nothing is more inclusive than the Kingdom of God.
[07:30] Jesus didn’t just come to heal… he came to inaugurate the Kingdom of God on earth.
[12:32] Jesus’ love is big enough to include everyone.
[16:28] Jesus sweeps away our divisions and prejudices like the trash they are.
[20:47] The Kingdom of God is fiercely, forcefully, and compulsively inclusive.
[21:39] When we are really living in the Kingdom of God the King’s heart becomes our heart.
[25:08] No one is left out of the Story of Jesus.

[22:29] Name a person/group who you think is ruining your world.
[23:15] Pray FOR them.

1. Have you ever felt pressured to conform to a certain image or expectation to be accepted whether in the Church or elsewhere?

2. Jon said, “The Kingdom of God is fiercely, forcefully, and compulsively inclusive.” What thoughts, feelings, agreements or pushbacks do you have to this idea?

3. Read the second half of the story of Peter visiting the gentile home (Acts 11 vv.1-18). What stands out to you?

4. What challenges do you see in embracing Jesus’ level of inclusivity? What role do you think prayer can play in helping overcome those challenges?

5. How can your group pray with you this week?



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