Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
The Myth of Self-Reliance [Mark 9:14-29]

Self-reliance only creates stress, worry, and fear. There’s a better way. The way of Jesus. The way of trust.

Main Ideas:
[01:26] We’ve been told the solution to our worries is self-reliance.
[02:06] The problem with self-reliance is that deep down we know we aren’t that reliable.
[02:59] Trust eliminates the need for stressful self-reliance.
[06:39] Self-reliance forces us to focus on ourselves instead of the needs of others.
[08:10] When we’re convinced we have it all together we usually end up proving otherwise.
[09:50] We all experience a mixture of belief and unbelief.
[10:21] Our doubts are not an obstacle for Jesus.
[12:25] Life in the Kingdom of God is completely dependent on God himself.
[12:59] Following Jesus requires choosing to trust even in the midst of our doubts.
[17:10] The life Jesus offers is a life of confident trust in the love and power of our Heavenly Father.

Invitation: [13:33]
What do you need to bring to Jesus?
Read Psalm 18 vv.1-2 daily.

Discussion Questions:
1. Jon said self-reliance often leads to stress and worry. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
– What are some examples of situations in your life where you’ve felt the pressure to rely solely on yourself?

2. In what way(s) do you think self-reliance and doubt relate to each other?

3. Read Psalm 18 vv.1-2 and Colossians 2 vv.6-7. How do you think these passages relate to dealing with our doubts and rejecting self-reliance?

4. What steps or practices do you feel would help you choose to trust even in the midst of your doubts?

5. How can your group pray with you this week?



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