Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
Unveiling Jesus' Anger: Why did Jesus Flip Tables? [Mark 11:12-26]

Discover the reason behind Jesus flipping tables in this video! Learn about the interaction between Jesus and the religious leaders.


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Key Thoughts:
[00:46] At the core of Jesus’ message is a promise for a better life.

[01:21] Many people are kept from discovering the life Jesus offers because of Christians.

[02:10] God hates when people are repelled by those who claim to represent him.

[02:45] Jesus refuses to let anything come between him and the people he loves.

[06:29] God wants everyone to know he loves, accepts, and invites them.

[08:58] Jesus removes anything that keeps people away from him.

[09:49] Jesus’ inclusive love threatens our comfortable and orderly view of the world.

[13:08] Jesus replaced Temple worship with a praying, forgiven, and forgiving community.

[14:22] Our individual hearts shape the heart of our community.

[18:23] We find the life Jesus offers when we accept and love out of the love of Jesus.

Read James 2 vv.14-20.

– Let me see you without all the baggage religion has placed on you.
– Let me be a light that lets others see you

Evaluate yourself

This week, focus on one aspect of your life in which to be the light of Jesus

Discussion Questions:
1. What stood out, challenged, bothered, or inspired you in this week’s message?

2. Jon said, “At the core of Jesus’ message is a promise for a better life.” What do you think he meant? Do you agree or disagree?

3. Has Jesus’ inclusive love ever threatened/challenged your view of the world?

4. Read 1 Peter 2 vv.4-5. What are some ways we can individually and as a community better reflect Jesus’ inclusive love?

5. How can your group pray with you this week?



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