Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
What If I Feel Far From God? [Mark 4:21-34]

Most people want to experience and even know God. But too often God seems elusive, mystical, unattainable. But maybe we’re trying too hard. Maybe it’s so much better, more attainable, and more real than we ever thought.

Main Points:
[01:07] One of the most frustrating parts of Christianity is trying to experience and understand God and finding nothing.
[05:23] When we see life as a story to live instead of a formula to figure out we discover the life Jesus offers.
[09:46] To discover the Kingdom of God we have to be willing to search for it.
[14:56] Once the Kingdom of God is planted it will grow.
[19:10] The Kingdom of God always starts out looking insignificant.
[20:16] God uses small beginnings to create huge results.
[22:33] Instead of trying to get the “right” answers, we need to engage with and enter into the story of Jesus.
[26:53] We are all invited to participate in the story of Jesus

Four Pieces of Advice:
Be honest: Am I willing to see/experience the Kingdom of God?
Keep digging: Ask questions and ask questions with others who are asking questions.
Be patient: Don’t compare your story to others’.
Be purposeful: Plant kingdom seeds with your words and your actions.

Discussion Questions:
1. Have you ever felt far from God and/or frustrated in your faith journey? What do you think caused it? What did you do with those feelings?

2. Jon said, “When we see life as a story to live instead of a formula to figure out we discover the life Jesus offers.”How would you describe the difference? Out of these two views, how do you think you tend to view your life?

3. Re-read the Parables of the Growing Seed and the Mustard Seed (Mark 4:26-32). What stands out to you? How would you describe the Kingdom of God based on these examples?

4. Out of the “Four Pieces of Advice” (refer to notes) Jon gave us, which seems like it will be the easiest and which seems like it might be more difficult? Why?

5. As we participate in the story of Jesus this week, how can your group pray with you?



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