Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
What's my life's story? [Mark 1:14-20]

You have a story you were created to live. A story this world needs you to live. But so often we miss it b/c we either don’t know what the story is really about, how to live it out, or don’t even know we have a story. But when we discover what the Story of Jesus is really about we discover what our own story is really about.

Main Points:
[01:20] Good stories give us hope that we can experience more than a usual life.
[02:09] When we join the Story of Jesus we find our role in the greatest story ever written.
[04:29] Belief is choosing to trust that someone or something is trustworthy
[09:45] When we are willing to trust Jesus he gives us the ability to follow him.
[11:45] Jesus is still inviting us into his story
[12:35] To play our role in the Story of Jesus we have to “leave everything” and follow Jesus.
[13:55] Just like any great story… following Jesus is a journey
[15:36] Jesus’ invitation demands a definite and conscious response.
[17:35] No decision eventually becomes a decision to say no.
[18:05] The invitation to follow Jesus is the invitation to experience true life.

Invitation: [15:50]
ASK- What is my response to Jesus’ invitation and why?

Discussion Questions:
1. Name some of your favorite stories. What do you think makes you connect with them?
2. Jon said, “Belief is choosing to trust that someone or something is trustworthy.” How would you define belief?
3. Read Mark 1 vv14-20. What stands out to you? Put yourself in the characters’ shoes… Jesus, the fishermen, and Zebedee. What would be your thoughts/feelings?
4. What could “leaving everything to follow Jesus” look like for you?
5. How can your group pray with you this week?


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