Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
Why is God so Violent? [Think About It - pt 1 / 5]

Reading, understanding, and trying to make sense of the Bible can be pretty overwhelming. Especially when it comes to passages about horrific violence committed in the name of a supposedly loving God. But with the right tools and some study we can start to make sense of some of the most misunderstood and misused passages in the Bible… and it might even change how we see God and our neighbors.

Main Points:
– Misunderstanding and misusing scripture has caused rejection, confusion, and hurt for centuries.
– When we take the time to study the cloudy parts of scripture our view of God becomes clearer.
– We all want justice until it’s pointed at us.
– God will bring justice in his own time and manner.
– God’s justice is both comforting and freeing.
– When we see God more clearly… we see our role in his story more clearly.

Weekly Challenge:
Read: Romans 12:19-21
Pray: God Help me forgive, love, and trust your justice. Show me how to lovingly pursue justice for others.

Review: Jon’s 3 Guidelines to Reading the Biblical Writings (see our Bible series):
1st: Use good tools.
2nd: Read it literally.
3rd: Follow a rhythm.

Discussion Questions:
1. What is one of your favorite examples of justice and why? This could be fictional (comics, movies, literature) OR real.
2. Have you ever struggled with Bible passages like this week’s passage in 1 Sam? Why do you think that is?
3. How would you summarize Jon’s approach to reading the Bible? What thoughts do you have about this approach?
4. Read Romans 12: 19-21. What does living this out mean for you?
5. How can your group pray for you this week?




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