Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
You Are What You Eat -- Together #forSalem (Ep 20!)

We all know that feeling when we’ve eaten too much junk and how it affects our physical health. Many of us are feeling something very similar in our emotional and spiritual health right now. Maybe it has to do with what we’ve been allowing our hearts and minds to consume. How can we change our “diet” to improve our emotional and spiritual health? The answer can improve your entire view of the world around you.

Episode Breakdown:
0:00 Nutty Buddy Challenge
1:30 Welcome
4:20 “You Are What You Eat,” with Jon
31:50 Last Things

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Suggested Bible Readings:
John 3:16-17, Mark 12:30-31, Galatians 5:22-23
The entire book of James this week: Listen here or read here.

Additional Resources / Books on this topic:
The Bible Project, Proverbs Overview (wisdom book):
The Bible Project, James Overview:
The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction:

Music we listened to making this episode:
Elevation: Won’t Stop Now –
Ben Harper: Excuse Me Mr.-
Lauren Daigle: Still Rolling Stones-

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