Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
Can Christianity heal division? [Who am I? pt 2 / 4]

We spend so much time and energy deciding who is “in” and who is “out.” And remarkably, our group always seems to be the group that is “in.” But Jesus brought something better… something more… something that outshines every distinction we use to divide ourselves… he brought a better way to be human.

Episode Breakdown:
00:52 What defines you?
02:13 When we demonize others…
04:00 Historical division
05:20 Paul’s writings in Galatians 3 breakdown
07:26 Shocking inclusivity
10:00 a death…
12:00 a new “WE”
13:00 males and females stuff
14:40 The essence of the good news
15:30 This part might sting a little…
16:45 The benefit of a “WE”
18:16 Let’s ask ourselves some Qs
20:24 Discussion Qs & Announcements

Main Points:
– We usually define our ME within the framework of our perceived WE.
– We try to legitimize our WE by vilifying someone else’s WE.
– Jesus offers a new and better ME through a new and all-inclusive WE.
– God’s acceptance and inclusion seems unfair because it is.
– When we are reborn as a child of God every other identity dies.
– All divisions, prejudices, and hierarchies that we use to define our WE are meaningless in Jesus.
– The family of God is a new, multi-ethnic WE created to bless every other WE on earth.
– Our false identities and divisions fade away as we continually embrace our identity as a child of God.

Weekly Challenge:
Think through some key questions…
1. Have you accepted Jesus’ offer to be a child of God? If not, Why not?
2. What identities, distinctions, or WE’s have you placed above being a child of God?
3. Have you written off or judged a child of God because of some other distinction?
What are you going to do about it?

Discussion Questions:
1. We usually define our ME within the framework of our perceived WE. What “WE’s” do you tend to identify with?
2. Read Matthew 20 v1-16. What stands out to you? How would you relate this to Paul’s thoughts in Galatians 3 v26-29?
3. Jon said that we can be so caught up in the “WE” of Christianity that we miss what it really means to be a child of God. What do you think?
4. How can your group pray for you this week?




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