Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
Choices. [A Life That *Actually* Works - Sermon on the Mount, pt 6 / 6]

Most of us agree that the historical Jesus was an amazing and remarkable person. His understanding of human nature and his teachings on loving our neighbor have changed the world. And, most of us agree that if we applied his teaching to our lives it would make things go a lot better. So why don’t we? It all comes down to what we choose.

Main Points:
[01:44] We all want a life that actually works but we’re not all willing to DO what actually works.
[03:14] A life that actually works is the result of what we actually choose to do.
[04:23] We have two choices… a life of destruction or life in the Kingdom of Heaven.
[08:24] The proof of who we are is what we consistently choose to do.
[09:58] Jesus doesn’t just want agreement… he wants obedience.
[11:39] Living in the Kingdom of Heaven isn’t what we say we believe. It’s showing what we believe through our choices and actions.
[13:.58] The life that actually works is a life of allegiance to Jesus evidenced by a transformed heart AND life.
[18:00] A life that actually works brings life to everyone around it.

This week’s practice [16:28]
Jesus, thank you for loving me. I choose to accept you as my king. Because you died and rose again, I choose to trust you to give me true life now and forever. Please take my life, make it yours. Live in me and through me so others can see your love.
Holy Spirit, Let me work with you as you transform me into who I was created to be. Let me see what you are doing around me and give me the desire and ability to join you in it.

Discussion Questions:
1. What has stood out to you, challenged you, or intrigued you as we’ve gone through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount?
2. Jesus said we will know people by their fruit. Who’s someone that displays this kind of good fruit Jesus was talking about? Give an example or two of their fruit.
3. Read Ephesians 2 vv8-9. If we are saved through faith in Jesus alone, why do you think Jesus, in his sermon, placed such an emphasis on our hearts and actions?
4. Jon said, “The life that actually works is right in front of us. We simply have to choose to accept it and live it one choice at a time.” What’s one choice this week you can make to put this life into practice?
5. How can your group pray for you this week?


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