Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
How do we get the Holy Spirit? [So, what about... The Holy Spirit, pt 3]

There is something broken in humanity. From the beginning, Christians have seen the answer in the Trinity of God… and being born again by the Holy Spirit to be able to become who we were originally created to be.

Main Points:
[00:44] Humanity seems utterly and hopelessly broken.
[02:16] Humanity was created to join and enjoy the eternal dance of God.
[02:52] The only way to fix humanity is for humans to be reborn by the Holy Spirit.
[06:44] Being born again has nothing to do with being religious.
[09:09] To experience the life of God we need a new source of life.
[10:01] We cannot understand our way to true rebirth.
[11:59] Humanity doesn’t need a plan. We need a Savior.
[16:04] Somehow the Holy Spirit turns our hearing into believing and our believing into rebirth.
[20:56] All we have to do is say yes and the Holy Spirit begins the rest.

[18:52] A Prayer:
Despite my doubts, I trust you, Jesus, to save me. To bring me back to the relationship I was created for. HS come into my life and make me new.

[19:36] This Week’s Goal:
Read: Titus  3 vv3-7
Pray: Show me my steps in your eternal dance.

[21:18] Discussion Questions:

  1. What stood out, bothered, challenged, or confused you in this week’s message?
  2. When Jon said, “Being born again has nothing to do with being religious,” what do you think he meant? Do you agree or disagree?
  3. Read Titus 3 vv3-7. What “action verbs” catch your attention?
  4. What would joining and enjoying the eternal dance of Triune God have looked like in your day today? What could it look like tomorrow?
  5. How can your group pray for you?




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