Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
How do we know which version of Jesus to follow? [Mark 8:22-9:1]

How we view Jesus shapes how we follow Jesus. But how do we know which version of Jesus we should follow? And who gets to decide which version is the true version?

Main Ideas:
[01:25] We all put our preconceived ideas onto Jesus.
[02:06] How we view Jesus shapes how we follow Jesus.
[04:43] Like every relationship, knowing the real Jesus takes time.
[06:31] Liking Jesus is not the same as knowing Jesus.
[10:00] Jesus refuses to fit the mold we try to force him into.
[11:36] When we try to use Jesus to fight for our agenda we usually end up fighting against Godโ€™s agenda.
[13:39] All Jesus asks for is all of us.
[15:10] Winning in the kingdom of God is defined by how much we lose for others.
[17:46] If we want to enjoy the kingdom we have to follow the way of the King.
[19:53] Following Jesus is a journey of discovering who he really is and aligning ourselves more and more to that image.
[20:23] We discover real life when we discover and follow the real Jesus.

[18:01] Memorize 1 John 4 v.19
[18:16] Pray: Help me discover the real you and not some made up image of you.
[18:29] Allow the real Jesus to guide your real life.

Discussion Questions:
1. Which of the main ideas stood out most to you and why?

2. In what ways do we try to mold Jesus into our own image or expectations rather than accepting him as he is?

3. Reread Mark 8 vv.34-38. How does Jesusโ€™ call to “take up your cross” resonate with you? Do you find it challenging to accept his message of victory through surrender and service rather than through power and dominance?

4. What practices or habits could we implement to help us let go of our own agendas and embrace Jesus’ mission of love and service?

5. How can your group pray with you this week?



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