Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
It’s Dangerous To Go Alone -- Together #forSalem (Ep 29)

One of the hardest aspects of our current reality is division and the isolation it creates. It’s difficult to allow others to really know who we are in such a polarized time. But there’s hope. There is a way, however, to not only fight division and isolation but to also allow God to grow our faith at the same time. Let’s rediscover the answer that has been in front of us all along. 

Episode Breakdown:
0:00 Level 1-1
3:00 “It’s Dangerous to Go Alone,” w/ Jon
33:00 Announcements & some Wild Pear

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Suggested Bible Readings:
Colossians 3Acts 2:42-47
+ Bible Reading Tips (PDF)

Music we listened to making this episode:
Two Steps From Hell- Heart of Courage
GOB- Paint It Black
Full Super Mario Bros Soundtracks

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  1. Would you describe yourself as an extrovert or an introvert? How do you think that affects your view of the idea of  Community? 
  2. Read Acts 2:42-47, a snapshot of the very early church. Considering the difference in culture, time, and place, what stands out to you as it relates to living out faith in community right now?
  3. Where might you find a true community in your life right now? If you have a community, what are some ways it could become more purposeful in growing your faiths? Spend some time praying about this together.