Together #forSalem
Together #forSalem
Living a questionable life on purpose [The Art of Following Jesus, pt 9] #ruleoflife #rhythmoflife

God isn’t distant, disinterested, or mad at you. He created you specifically on purpose. He loves you, likes you, and enjoys you! He invites all of us to experience a life more fulfilling and satisfying than we can imagine. We find this life by practicing the Art of Following Jesus.

Main Points:
[01:26] The Kingdom of God is here now and it is discovered by simply following Jesus.
[02:42] Following Jesus is not difficult but it is all-consuming. It is not burdensome but it requires us to completely change our lives.
[04:20] If we want to have untypical lives we have to commit to doing untypical things.
[07:01] When we follow Jesus we can’t help but become the light of the world.
[07:47] Jesus Followers shine so that others may see Jesus.
[11:28] The goal of practicing the Art of Following Jesus is to learn how to live a “questionable life.”
[16:30] When we practice the Art of Following Jesus our questionable lives will shine the light of Jesus and change the world around us.

Invitation: [12:20]
Make practicing the Art of Following Jesus the rhythm of your life.
– Take time to practice solitude/silence/prayer
– Commit to training to be outwardly focused together (Radio Tower)
– Purposely and regularly study Jesus (4 Gospels best place to start)
– Practicing blessing 3 people a week
– Take steps to be generous toward the mission of the Church
– Eat and drink with at least 3 people a month
– Find times and ways to worship God for who he is and what he has done
– Purposely choose to enjoy what God has given you as a celebration of his goodness and care
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