what about...? {season 2}
what about...? {season 2}
So, What About...? [Pt 4: Sunday Funday]

Even for church-goers, church can confusing, boring, hurtful, weird… So, what’s the point? Why do we have to go to an organized event or building in order to worship God? Can’t we just do that in nature, or by ourselves? What’s the point? In part 4, we tackle these questions… and here’s the point we’ll dig into: Church isn’t somewhere you go. It’s something you are.

While we believe what we’re saying is truth, we also know conversations like the ones in this series can come with some history, feelings, baggage… We do not want to dismiss those things, but want this to be the START of a bigger conversation. You can take this message further by sending us your comments & questions (info@yourcrosscreek.com), use our study questions, and listen to all of the messages in this series. We’d love to hear from you!

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